Photos- Scotland

Below are some wee memories captured from my time exploring Scotland, Wales and England. Scotland was the start of my Europe adventures, with the Ring of Steall trail race September 11th 2018 kicking things off. I was based in Glasgow where my fellow friend Paul lives. From there road-tripped, camped and adventured around many areas of the U.K. Not captured are the many cups of tea, oatcakes, and hummus and ice cream consumed. Enjoy the wee snippets of sunshine and showers from Scotland.

Setting off for the next 8months. First- Scotland
One of many climbing gyms explored.
Land of green hills
Mmm fresh air, Rivers running so much green
Biking around Glasgow. Peeking in to see plants
Decathlon adventures
Scrambling. The cobbler
Very windy cobbler
Going through the rock to the other side & up
Being a tourist in Edinburgh
Rainbow coming out the water. On route to race.
So many greeeeen hills
Shits getting real. Race bib and all
Pre-race day stoke. Going to get kit checked.
Casually climbing things
Fresh air wee car break exploring
Pre-race. Nervous but excited
Scotland & Canada
Pre-race vibes
Emerging from the fog
2500m ascent, 4 summits, 1 river crossing…
Soggy, mud, bitter winds, sun, rain, grit.
One foot in front of the other
Tired & happy. Post-Salomon Ring of Steall
Smiles hiding the pain in our legs. 29km later.
Heather & hills
Learning the layering system. Suns & showers
A wee fuzzy friend
Emma just being Emma & Exploring
Gale force winds in Wales
Snowdonia. Very windy rainy and fun!
Getting blown around Snowdonia
Before the wind blew me over (quite literally)
Best part was hearing Welsh ordering ice cream
Looking for my sheep friends. Peak District
Life on the road can get exhausting haha
Sunshine and showers “it will burn off”- paul
Peak District- rain, tea & catching up w Ciarán
Pre-hike…me just hiding from the windy rain
Stoked standing inside a tree. Lake District
Late night silliness. No I did not sleep here haha
Running & scrambling. The Lake District
Scrambles. The Lake District
Pretending I know navigation. The Lake District
Sharps Edge, Lake District.
I love sheeeep
Post run recovery. Lake District.
Planning next adventures. Chasing the sun
A Scottish breakfast
Dumbarton. Bouldering by the seaside
Dumbarton rock “Dumby” bouldering
Camp life dinner on the beach
Moonlight camping & gusty winds. Findhorn
Seaside. Findhorn
Herman the tent enjoying the greenery
Morning downpour & pack up of the tents
Crag doggies xo
Climmmmbing. Dunkeld.
Cairngorms. Another very windy run adventure
Bouldering. Dumbarton
Sun setting on Dumbarton.
Visiting family. Strathaven. Little Emma & Big E
Visiting family. Strathaven. with wee Chloe
Loch Lomond
Backpack all ready for the next adventure
Europe bound…

Scotland, England, Wales

September 10th-October 1st 2018